It's Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection


Virtual Tour with Kirk Hammett

Collector Kirk Hammett takes a tour of It's Alive! at the CMA and takes us along for the ride.

Video produced by James Serpico.

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Feminist Perspectives

If you’ve been watching horror and sci-fi films, you’ve probably seen a damsel in distress or two in your day. Perhaps a dangerous seductress here or there. And sometimes, maybe even a strong heroine.

These are genres known for examining societal norms and pushing boundaries, addressing our fears in the guises of monsters. And just like all social commentary, it can range from progressive to reactionary.

And sometimes, whether you see a victim or a fighter, a monster or a hero, depends on your perspective.

Our thanks to the Royal Ontario Museum for sharing essays by Andrea Subissati and Dr. S. Trimble.


Learn more about the exhibition with our multimedia tour featuring discussions with both art educators and Kirk Hammett and his team.

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Why Hammett Collects

Kirk Hammett shares the story of why he collects these objects, and why it's so meaningful to see them exhibited in a museum.


Silver Scream Soirée

Check out this video from the CMA Gala on March 7, a world of vintage glamour and the mysteriously unexpected featuring special appearances by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.