Evening for Educators

Evening for Educators at the Columbia Museum of Art provides professional development for South Carolina's teachers, school administrators, and curriculum specialists. This quarterly program is designed to give attendees tools to use in the classroom through workshops, interactive discussion panels, and studio project presentations.

FREE registration includes refreshments and other educational resources. Attendees will also receive documentation for Professional Development renewal credit.

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Teacher Workshops

Designed for small groups, in-depth teacher workshops use the Museum's art collections and exhibitions to introduce new ways of thinking about the curriculum and to show innovative teaching approaches. Each educator receives an illustrated teacher packet and a certificate of participation.

CMA Educator In-Service Workshops

Why not take your in-service out of the classroom? Gather a group of team members or colleagues at the museum for professional development that stresses cross-curricular education, hands-on activities, and firsthand art experiences. In-service workshops are available for group of 6 to 15, at a cost of $25 per participant. The fee includes gallery admission and all workshop materials, including digital toolkits or card sets to take back to your classroom. All participants will earn professional renewal credit hours.
Contact the museum at tours@columbiamuseum.org at least four weeks in advance to book your in-service program.
History through Images and Objects
Social studies isn’t all about documents! Images and objects provide wonderful insights for students at any level. Join us to discuss how visual images fit into the social studies curriculum, including the new standards, and what assessments with object-centered learning can look like.
Registration fee covers all materials, including a digital copy of the CMA social studies toolkit.
Participants will earn seven hours of professional renewal credit.
Visual / Verbal : Exploring the Relationship between Visual Art and Language
This workshop dives into the complex connections that students can make between visual images and language, both verbal and written. In this dynamic half-day workshop participants will learn about the Visual Thinking Strategies methodology and build on those skills with activities that can be adapted for use in the classroom. Activities include poetry strategies developed and led by writer-in-residence Ray McManus. Registration fee covers all materials, including one set of CMA Words & Works cards. Participants will earn seven hours of professional renewal credit.
The Artful Designer: Using Art Objects to Develop Design Thinking Skills
With design at its core, this workshop gives an overview of the South Carolina Design Thinking Standards and how art can be infused in these cross-curricular STEAM-centered design projects. This full-day workshop provides participants with a curator-led guide through the museum’s design gallery, as well as hands-on games and activities that can be modeled and modified for use with students as work collaboratively to develop design thinking mentality. Registration fee covers all materials, including one set of CMA Person, Place, Product cards. Participants will earn five hours of professional renewal credit.
The Art of Mindfulness
There is a growing call to incorporate practices of mindfulness in the classroom. These exercises can build empathy and encourage students to better understand their thoughts and actions. This workshop examines the intersection of art-making and mindful practices that can benefit teachers and students in any classroom. Registration fee covers all materials, including one Art of Mindfulness digital toolkit. Participants will earn four hours of professional renewal credit.

Start with Art: Multisensory Fun for Early Learners
It’s no secret that early learners thrive on visual stimuli. Art provides a rich source for young children to explore. This workshop explores how to engage toddlers and preschoolers with art in a variety of ways, from image selection and questioning techniques to cooperative play and hands-on activities. Participants will come away with toolbox of practices to tap into young children’s senses, emotions, and motor skills. Participants should allow four hours for this workshop.


Recorded Panel Discussions



Doing The (Art)Work: Building an Anti-Racist Curriculum

Teachers at every grade level are being confronted with the realities of racism and asking difficult questions about how to tackle these conversations in their classrooms. In recognition that it is not enough simply to have a multicultural or tolerant classroom, but necessary to have an actively anti-racist one, this webinar brings together a panel of experts and educators with years of experience doing this work to discuss what anti-racism work looks like in the classroom at any grade level. Sponsored by Colonial Life.


Recorded on August 4, 2020

Kickstart Your Virtual Art Class

While online teaching of any kind comes with certain inherent difficulties, visual arts instruction has its own unique challenges, ranging from identifying supplies in students’ homes to modeling and assessing hands-on techniques. Go beyond the basics in this webinar as this expert panel dives into the online world of art instruction and its dynamic possibilities. Get inspired with ideas from artists and educators to keep your students engaged throughout the months ahead. Sponsored by Colonial Life.


Recorded on August 6, 2020

Fighting Fatigue with Digital Engagement

As we look ahead to another year that will likely have at least some virtual component, this group of talented and seasoned educators offers up actionable suggestions and takeaways you can apply to your digital classroom right away to tackle the pitfalls of online instruction. This webinar focuses on ways to engage your students no matter the grade level or subject area, with a variety of online platforms, strategies, and dynamic ways to use images and art across the curriculum. Sponsored by Colonial Life.