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Binder Podcast

We have a podcast! It's called Binder. CMA writer-in-residence Ray McManus talks with writers, artists, photographers, curators, and more about what is going into what they create, why they make it, and what it means. 

Season one focuses on the fall 2021 exhibition Hindsight 20/20, featuring photography taken here in Columbia documenting the extraordinary events of 2020. Season two branches out into all things CMA with in-depth looks at exhibitions and behind-the-scenes takes  collection.


Behind the Scenes

What does it take to prepare priceless works of art to go on the road? How do you repair a damaged frame that's hundreds of years old? How do museums install the works you see in the galleries? Get a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the CMA.


Artists in Conversation

Hear it straight from the artist's mouth. Learn from artists both international and local, featured in exhibition and the collection.


Lectures and Talks

Dig deeper into the art with these talks from experts. Some are from curators or artists, others are from professionals in entirely different fields who bring a new lens through which to examine the work.


Harlem South: A View Through the Lens

Enjoy a jazz and theatrical performance of historical fiction chronicling the dynamics of African American life in Columbia, South Carolina, between 1920 and 1936 through the photography of Richard Samuel Roberts. Harlem South features acclaimed jazz musician Dr. Ron McCurdy in collaboration with Darion McCloud of NiA Company and the University of South Carolina School of Music. Presented by Baker and Baker Foundation.

This project is a collaboration with University of Southern California, NiA Theatre Co, University of South Carolina School of Music, USC Press, and the Friends of African American Art and Culture.

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CMA in Concert

Enjoy full concerts performed right here at the CMA.


Poetry from Ray McManus

In honor of National Poetry Month, CMA writer-in-residence Ray McManus shares some new poetry from his home. Featured in this video are three poems written by McManus, "Calculus for a Disappearing South," "For Lamont," and "Homo Habitus." 

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Collection Spotlight

Take a deep dive into a work of art with delightful curator Dr. Catherine Walworth, and through her eyes you’ll find yourself falling in love with art over and over again.

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