Jimmy Kuehnle is a performance and sculpture-based artist who creates large-scale, high-tech inflatables that expand our notions of abstract art. For this exhibition, Kuehnle is filling four special exhibition galleries with touchable, interactive environments using inflatables that will combine, sound, light, space, and texture to create unexpected experiences for visitors as they move under, through, and around these works. Kuehnle is also creating a bright pink inflatable sculpture that will project dramatically out of our façade’s architectural grid overlooking Boyd Plaza, literally spilling out into the city as a calling card to the wonder inside.


A Visit to His Studio

Learn more about Jimmy Kuehnle's work from the artist himself in his studio in Cleveland, Ohio.


There's a Unicorn Loose in the Museum

CMA Curator Catherine Walworth, Ph.D., gives insight into this playful exhibition from a serious artist.

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Wow Pop Bliss is a fun, interactive experience. And just this once, you can touch the art! (We’re not talking “take a sledgehammer to it” touching. More like “pet a kitten” touching.)  

This multimedia, multisensory exhibition includes flashing lights and may be overwhelming to guests with sensory sensitivities and other medical conditions.


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