So thankful for this exhibit and being able have this resource for my biracial son as a non POC mother

  • It means resilience. It means power. It means struggling. It is the acknowledgment that our very being is revolutionary.

  • It means loving who I naturally am and where I come from!

  • Black is beautiful means to live in and appreciate the blessing of being unique in so many different ways. The fight for social injustice is prevalent as ever and we as race have to remind each other that we are different we are unique we are beautiful.

  • My History.

  • It means resilience. It means power. It means struggling. It is the acknowledgment that our very being is revolutionary.

  • Black is Beautiful means I m proud of who I am. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • For me, as a white person, it means a constant coming of age. I peel back layer after layer if my own ignorance and I am amazed at how stupid I am and just how badly my black brothers and sisters are being treated. Black is beautiful. For their struggle. For our ignorance. For their pride. For our arrogance. Black is beautiful...for they are God's handiwork.

  • This was exposing the encapsulated images of our blackness during this time. It shows us how to recreate, redesign, yet never stray away from are creativity within ourselves. You may never know who you may impact or inspire in the future.

  • No matter what the color of your skin, the beautiful is the person underneath. Unfortunately, after years of darker colors being denigrated, it is necessary for everyone to say it loud, say it clear, "Black is Beautiful!"

  • Black has always been beautiful, and will always be beautiful!!

  • It means loving who you are!

  • It means what my parents taught me from a toddler that I was created in God’s image..and what He creates is BEAUTIFUL...over the past almost 60 yrs that has been challenged but I know from whence I came!!

  • Black is beautiful means many things. It goes beyond the aesthetic scope of a hue while simultaneously beginning & ending with the like. It is timeless & full of pride. It is evolutionary & revolutionary. It is experiences, trauma, joy & pain. It means everything.

  • It means that what I see in the mirror is just as beautiful as what I see in the magazine.

  • A celebration!

  • It means to be proud of your heritage.

  • Loving yourself, unapologetically without compromise.❤️

  • It means rejecting a normative idea of beauty and celebrating individual beauty.

  • "Black Is Beautiful" is just as simple as that, My Black is Beautiful and meant to be celebrated for who I am, what I am and from where I come from. It's about loving the skin you are in with no excuses & no apologies because being Black is truly a Beautiful thing.

  • Joy!

  • I am MORE than enough. I am beautiful.

  • When I hear the phrase "Black Is Beautiful" it means to me embracing the skin that I'm in and loving every minute of it despite societal opposing views. I love my culture, I love my Blackness and I absolutely LOVE the skin I'm in.

  • That we should embrace all different skin tones. We should celebrate them because of their beauty.