Black history is marked by periods of protest that highlight the systemic inequities endangering the lives and culture of Black communities. The works of artists like Kwame Brathwaite capture the intimacy of social movements and remind us that while time has passed and trends have changed, the fight for equality continues. Brathwaite’s art also reminds us that within the movement there is more than unrest, there is joy, pride, color, style, rhythm, love, and all of it to insist — Black IS beautiful. Join the conversation.

  • A celebration!

  • It means to be proud of your heritage.

  • Loving yourself, unapologetically without compromise.❤️

  • It means rejecting a normative idea of beauty and celebrating individual beauty.

  • "Black Is Beautiful" is just as simple as that, My Black is Beautiful and meant to be celebrated for who I am, what I am and from where I come from. It's about loving the skin you are in with no excuses & no apologies because being Black is truly a Beautiful thing.

  • Joy!

  • I am MORE than enough. I am beautiful.

  • When I hear the phrase "Black Is Beautiful" it means to me embracing the skin that I'm in and loving every minute of it despite societal opposing views. I love my culture, I love my Blackness and I absolutely LOVE the skin I'm in.

  • That we should embrace all different skin tones. We should celebrate them because of their beauty.