February 18 — May 14, 2023 

What was in Western culture historically considered the Near Eastern world — roughly, a vast stretch of regions including India and the Asian countries to its west — is a vivid patchwork of many different peoples, languages, and traditions, with a history stretching back to Neolithic times. Comprising works of fine glassware, ceramics, metalwork, painting, weaponry, weaving, and much more, Reverent Ornament shares timeless Islamic art that celebrates everyday life, history, and culture in Iran, Egypt, India, Syria, and Turkey. The works include objects meant for palaces as well as ordinary homes, evoking a rich vision of daily life from the 10th to the 19th centuries. 

Organized by the Huntington Museum of Art and toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC.

Syria, Tile (detail), 17th century, underglaze-painted fritware.
Gift of Drs. Joseph B. and Omayma Touma.

On February 6, a catastrophic earthquake struck northwestern Syria and southern Turkey. The impact has been devastating and widespread, and many, many communities have been severely affected. Please consider supporting relief efforts of this ongoing humanitarian crisis by donating to organizations like The White Helmets, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, the Turkish Red Crescent, and AHBAP.


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Multimedia Tour: Reverent Ornament

CMA Curator of Education Glenna Barlow digs into some of the works on view in Reverent Ornament in this audio and video tour.

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