March 2 –September 3, 2023


Inspired by veterans from across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, Bullets and Bandaids: A Veteran Anthology features stories and art that look at returning home after war to the newly unfamiliar “normalcy” of civilian life after the chaos of combat, asking: “What is my next step?” Each work in the exhibition is the result of a creative partnership between artist and veteran to process and honor a veteran’s wartime experiences. Together they celebrate our common humanity through storytelling and art.  
Bullets and Bandaids is a nonprofit organization that creates a living anthology of veterans, writers, and artists through a traveling art project and accompanying book that strive to benefit everyone. Their events underscore that we are all in this together, sharing our lives and humanity, regardless of our past experiences, by pointing out with dignity and respect the trials and continued courage of our veterans.

To learn more about Bullets and Bandaids, visit: bulletsandbandaids.org 


Image above:
Melvin Toledo
Portrait of Michelle Rosenthal
Oil on aluminum panel