Donate Art

Help shape the art collection.

The museum is committed to growing our wonderful collection of international art. From our significant Kress Collection of masterworks to our Monet, we can be proud of the artistic jewels in the CMA's crown. Still, to effectively tell the story of world cultures through art we need—yes—more art! Our great Picasso painting is still in our future, along with countless other "missing" works.

The CMA has developed a strategy that builds the strengths of our current collection, while also reflecting what is meaningful for our community. The four collecting areas are: American, European, Asian, and Modern and Contemporary art, with added focus on acquiring works by African Americans.

Additionally, we need to preserve and conserve the works of art we already have. This is an expensive endeavor. "Art lasts forever," but only if we take care of it! Like us, art needs regular check-ups, and once in a while a procedure is called for. When that time comes, we need to be fiscally prepared.

You can derive great pleasure from investing in the acquisition or preservation of art. Gifts to the CMA’s collection endure, educate, and entertain future generations and give us a culturally well-rounded community.

There are many different ways that donors can help support the museum's efforts to maintain, manage, and build upon its collection for South Carolina:

Thank you for considering a gift to the museum's collection that will enrich the lives of future generations of museum visitors!