Multimedia Tours

Check out our Multimedia Tours!

Take a look at our multimedia TAP tours for the CMA's collection and exhibitions, then come on in and see the works yourself! Tours are available on your smart device (we can lend you some headphones), or you may check out an iPad for free to access the tours while you're here.

Explore our online tours here.

Want to check out tours from past exhibitions? You can do that, too.

The TAP tour is provided free online and designed specifically for functionality with mobile devices. The museum provides a free Wi-Fi network for visitors, allowing you to enjoy the tour from any Internet-capable device without the risk of costly data usage. The museum has recently expanded our wireless network so as to better serve our visitors. For those without devices or without headphones, small touch screen iPads and headphones are provided free of charge at the visitor services desk. A video tutorial as well as personal assistance from the visitor services staff are both available.