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[$400] OTA Runway: Retro Clash — ’80s Shoulder Pads vs. ’70s Boho Chic 

Are you ready to embrace the best of both worlds? We invite you to wow the judges and audience with a unique fusion of ’80s pizzazz and boho/hippie vibes. Whether you prefer the boldness of shoulder pads and vibrant prints or the freedom of boho fashion paired with oversized sunglasses, this category is your chance to showcase your style in a compelling and eye-catching ballroom ensemble. 

Bring it with shoulder pads and a print for your look or with aviator or oversized sunglasses for your boho/hippie-inspired look.

*Inspiration* — Non-limiting

Shoulder Pads: Take inspiration from the power dressing of the ’80s and incorporate shoulder pads into your outfit. Whether you opt for a structured, dramatic look or more subtle padding, embrace the trend that defined the era. ’80s-inspired prints: Choose a print that screams the ’80s — think vibrant neon colors, bold geometric patterns, or abstract designs. Your attire should transport the audience back to the era of iconic fashion statements.

Boho/Hippie Elements: Fuse your chosen print and shoulder pads with boho-inspired elements. Incorporate flowing fabrics, flared silhouettes, and accessories like fringe, tassels, or feathers to showcase your bohemian flair. Aviator or oversized sunglasses: Complete your look with a pair of aviator sunglasses or oversized frames, adding an air of mystery and coolness. Choose sunglasses that complement your overall ensemble and create a statement of their own. 

[$200] OTA Performance: Flashback Fusion — Studio 54 Disco vs. ’80s Rebel Rock 

Get ready to transport the ballroom back in time as we merge two iconic eras of fashion and music. Bring your A-game and showcase a striking ensemble that pays homage to either the glamorous Studio 54 disco era of the ’70s or the rebellious, edgy punk-rock era of the ’80s. Let the floor be your runway as you pick either the glitz and glamour of Studio 54 or the gritty attitude of punk rock. Show off your style, attitude, and creativity in this flashback! 

Bring it with either a Studio 54/disco-inspired look or punk-rock inspired look.

*Inspiration* — Non-limiting

Studio 54 Disco-Inspired Look (’70s): Reflect the disco fever prevalent at Studio 54, known for its glamorous disco parties. Choose vibrant colors, shimmery fabrics, and excessive sequins to capture the era's love for extravagance. Consider incorporating flared pants, jumpsuits with deep V-necks, or flowing, feathered gowns to embody the disco fashion. Accessories like platform shoes, oversized sunglasses, and disco-inspired jewelry will enhance your look.

Punk Rock-Inspired Look (’80s): Take inspiration from the edgy and rebellious punk-rock scene that defined the ’80s. Opt for unconventional colors, leather, ripped fabrics, and studs to epitomize the punk-rock revival fashion. Experiment with asymmetrical cuts, fishnet stockings, band t-shirts, distressed denim, or leather jackets to capture the essence of the era. Complement your outfit with accessories like spiked bracelets, choker necklaces, and combat boots for an authentic punk-rock look.  


[$100] Face: Retro Country Club Glam

In the ’70s and ’80s, the rich and famous enjoyed a lavish and glamorous lifestyle as they frequented country clubs. These exclusive and opulent establishments offered a haven for the wealthy to relax, socialize, and indulge in various extravagant activities. Splendor was the order of the day as celebrities, business tycoons, and socialites reveled in the finest amenities available. Tonight you embody the lavish lifestyle of the ’70s and ’80s country club!

Bring it in a country-club inspired look.

*Inspiration* — Non-limiting

Attire: Upscale, formal, and reminiscent of ’70s or ’80s country-club fashion. Choose outfits that embody the era's spirit, featuring vibrant colors, opulent materials, and chic silhouettes. Men can opt for well-tailored suits with wide lapels, pastel-colored blazers, and statement trousers, and accessorize with suspenders or bow ties. Ladies can embrace bold, glamorous dresses with defined shoulders, plunging necklines, sequins, or metallic fabrics. Consider big hairdos, feathered haircuts, beehives, or sleek ponytails.

Makeup: Think glamorous and bold. Ladies can experiment with vibrant eyeshadow shades, metallic eyeliners, and dramatic false lashes. Rosy blush, bold lips in shades of red or coral, and shimmering highlights can add a touch of timeless glamour. Gentlemen can opt for a subtly groomed appearance and complement their attire with a touch of bronzer and a polished hairstyle.

Footwear: Men can choose classic dress shoes or elaborately patterned loafers to complete their look. Ladies can go for high-heeled pumps, slingbacks, or strappy sandals. Shoes with metallic detailing or vibrant colors will add an extra retro touch.

Accessories: Ladies can accessorize with statement jewelry such as oversized hoop earrings, long pearl necklaces, chunky bracelets, or cocktail rings. Men can add flair with vintage-inspired ties, pocket squares, colorful suspenders, or chic watches. Consider timeless accessories like wide-brimmed hats, wide belts with oversized buckles, or elegant clutches for an extra touch of sophistication.

Overall Look: As you embody the Retro Country Club Glam look, aim for a cohesive ensemble that exudes elegance and nostalgia. Consider classic patterns like houndstooth, paisley, polka dots, or bold stripes. Accessorize with extravagant fur stoles, elegant clutch bags, and refined sun hats. 

[$100] Commentator vs. Commentator

As the couples gracefully glide across the magnificent dance floor, the vibrant energy of disco fills the air. The dazzling outfits, the shimmering lights, and the electrifying tunes transport us back to the disco era of the ’70s. In this category, we seek a commentator who can capture the essence of those energetic times and add a touch of nostalgia. Use the word Encore or Brick House for your 10s.

*Inspiration* — Non-limiting

Encore: Channel your inner Cheryl Lynn, the Queen of Disco, from her iconic 1983 hit “Encore.” Lynn's soulful voice resonated with the disco era, and we want you to bring that same spirited passion to your commentary. Feel free to sprinkle your remarks with references to repetition, applause, and encore-worthy performances. Let your voice soar as you celebrate the performers’ mesmerizing routines and encourage the audience to cheer for more. Get ready to relive the heyday of disco with this enchanting choice!

Brick House: Stepping back a few years to 1977, we invite you to embrace the funk and charisma of The Commodores’ classic hit “Brick House.” Inspired by this timeless anthem, we want you to capture the essence of strong, confident, and empowered routines, just like the brick houses of yore. Use your voice to express the bold moves, captivating chemistry between partners, and the undeniable groove that each couple exudes. Highlight the power, beauty, and resilience of these remarkable performers, all while evoking the irresistible charm of “Brick House.”