Red Attitude

Gallery 1

Welcome to the CMA Collection

Curator of Education Glenna Barlow welcomes you to the CMA Collection and gives a preview of this tour.


Working on Unequal Ground

Learn about artist Charlotte Park’s challenges to gain recognition in the male-dominated abstract art world of the 1950s. 

Image: Charlotte Park (American, 1918–2010). Red Attitude (detail), 1956. Oil on canvas.

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Virgin and Child Enthroned with the Archangel Michael, and Saints Lawrence, Stephen, George

Gallery 2

A Triptych That Takes Teamwork

Discover how a devotional object like this would have taken an entire workshop to complete and who and what the imagery in this piece is referencing.

Image: Giovanni di Marco dal Ponte (Italian) 1385-1437; Virgin and Child Enthroned with the Archangel Michael, and Saints Lawrence, Stephen, George (detail), c. 1425-26; Tempera painting on three lindenwood panels

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Water-Moon Guanyin Bodhisattva

Gallery 3

A Vessel the Divine Can Embody

Find out how this statue would have been seen in its original context and the role objects like this play in the Buddhist practice. 

Image: Anonymous (Chinese), late-Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) or early-Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). Water-Moon Guanyin Bodhisattva (detail), c. 1600. Wood, with traces of original polychromy.

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Cornelius C. Roberts

Gallery 5

Every Portrait Tells a Story

Delve into the history of photographer Richard Samuel Roberts and his work capturing the Black experience of the Jim Crow era right here in the capital city. 

Image: Richard Samuel Roberts (American, 1880–1936). Cornelius C. Roberts (born 1913) (detail), c. 1925. Gelatin silver print posthumously printed from the original glass plate negative.


Excerpt from A True Likeness: Richard Samuel Roberts Legacy

Courtesy of SCETV


Square Piano (pianoforte)

Gallery 7

The Sound of Status

Listen and learn about this unique musical instrument as both an object for entertainment and a symbol of the affluence of its owner.

Image: William Geib (American, born England, 1793–1860). Square Piano (pianoforte) (detail), c. 1830. Rosewood, mahogany, mahogany veneer, ebony, ivory, brass, steel, glass.

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Saida X: Chrome

Gallery 14

Joyful Geometry

Hear how Islamic art and geometry inspired Steven Naifeh to create this reflective sculptural work.

Image: Steven Naifeh (American, born 1952). Saida X: Chrome (detail), 2010. Chrome on 60 steel boxes.

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Gallery 16

The Golden Age of Japanese Cloisonné

Learn about the intricate enameling process used to create this object and its cultural history in Japan.

Image: Anonymous (Japanese) for export, Meiji Period (1868–1912). Charger (detail), c. 1880–1910. Brass, copper, glass enamel

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Liberation of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben

Gallery 20

Moving Beyond the Brand

Learn how Renee Cox recontextualizes the stereotypical characters of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben to comment on their use in commercial advertising. 

Image: Renée Cox (American, born 1960). Liberation of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben (detail), 1998. Dye destruction print, Diasec mounted.

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