On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I'm excited about the strategic plan that evolved over a year of discussions with staff, board, and the community. The plan describes our guiding principles, our purpose, and our expected growth in ten years. So please visit us soon and often; there is much to see and do. You will discover that regardless of background or age, the Columbia Museum of Art is a museum for all.  

Allen Coles, President
Board of Trustees

From the Strategic Plan


The Columbia Museum of Art sparks powerful connections through art from around the corner and around the world in an environment that is welcoming to all. 


As a premier art museum in the Southeast and vibrant community hub of the Midlands, the CMA will engage 800,000 participants per year with a sustained annual membership of 8,000 households by 2030.

Core Values

  • Inspiring
  • Welcoming
  • Community-Centered  
  • Vibrant

Experience Promises

We promise to be inspiring. We are a place for you to learn about each other and yourselves through the art of the world. We provide a variety of experiences designed to move you to connect, contemplate, and create. 

We promise to be welcoming. We strive to be warm, inviting, inclusive, and accessible. You belong here, and we promise to treat you that way. 

We promise to be community-centered. We are rooted in and reflective of our own diverse communities. We see ourselves as champions of a thriving Midlands.

We promise to be playful. We believe that art is an adventure, and we approach everything we do with a sense of open-minded exploration. 

We promise to be vibrant. We provide dynamic experiences that engage the mind, enrich the spirit, and fuel artistic energy. Your art museum is bright in spaces, ideas, and possibilities.