Enduring Spirit Awards

Celebrating the Art of Tyrone Geter

Tyrone Geter is a Columbia resident and Benedict College professor of art. The stories that Geter tells are woven in the ever-present mediums of charcoals, paint, and torn paper. His art is heavily influenced by the continent of Africa, particularly the seven years that he lived in Nigeria.

His work explores the themes of identity, the presence and impact of Black heritage around the world, and the joy that can be found in the glorious curiosity of human experience.

Geter celebrates the relationship between mothers, daughters, and sisters—Black women—whose personal and public sacrifices made it possible for their progeny to advance. This is a major theme in much of his work. To honor women in the Midlands who embody Geter’s works, the Friends of African American Art & Culture membership affiliate at the Columbia Museum of Art celebrates them with the 2017 Enduring Spirit Awards.

Ceremony Program and Honorees