2018 Summer Workshop Instructors


All CMA Summer Camp instructors are professional art educators. Meet our team!

Glenna Barlow
Glenna Barlow works in the Education & Engagement Department at the CMA as the Manager of Education. She has a Master’s of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Mary Washington as well as a Master’s of Art in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is certified to teach K-6 and has years of experience teaching children of all ages and in various museums.


John Codega
John is a National Board Certified Teacher at AC Flora High School. He currently teaches Higher Level Design Technology in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Porgram and Advanced Placement World History.



Blakely Sheely
Blakely Sheely earned her BFA from Winthrop University and a Master in Art Teaching degree from Lander University. She is a National Board-Certified 3D art educator at Dutch Fork High School where she has taught sculpture for nine years. Blakely is a working artist in fiber, metals, ceramics, andjewelry.


Kayleigh Vaughn
Kayleigh Vaughn works in the Education & Engagement Department at the CMA as manager of engagment. She has worked at the CMA for five years and oversees engagement programs. She has a Bachelor’s in Arts degree in History from Lander University.



Dana Witkoski
Dana Witkoski works in the Education & Engagement Department at the CMA. A Columbia native, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina. Dana has crafted and sold her own jewelry at stores and art fairs around the city.