School Programs

CMA field trips engage students with art in the galleries through a discussion-based approach that sparks curiosity, creating a personal connection that helps participants to retain the information. In the last year, the CMA has served nearly 25,000 youth.

School programs at the Columbia Museum of Art are nationally recognized for their excellence in providing students of all ages state and national standards-based cross-curricular learning experiences. 

The CMA received a wonderful five-year grant from Aflac to underwrite K-12 field trips and transportation for Title 1 Schools in South Carolina. Aflac awarded the grant based on the need to reach more at-risk and underserved children through arts education. Learn more here.

Choose a program from those listed below and contact Dana Witkoski at 803-343-2163 or at least three weeks in advance. 

School Programs: Featured Exhibitions

Enduring Spirit: The Art of Tyrone Geter
Grades 6-12
Group size maximum: 30 students
Columbia African-American artist Tyrone Geter’s charcoal and pastel drawings explore themes of power, race, and class. On tour, students discuss these topics and how Geter’s work frames the conversation.   
(Program length: Approximately 120 minutes with tour and hands-on studio)

Salvador Dalí’s Fantastical Fairy Tales
Grades K-12
Group size maximum: 80 students
Dalí believed that dreams were as real as so-called reality and that art created from visions could be as insightful as realism, if not more so. Students discover a surrealist perspective on illustrated literature with a tour of pieces from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Hans Christian Andersen.  
(Program length: 120 minutes with tour and hands-on studio)

Lesson Plans

For All Ages

Solar Art
Can't make it to the CMA? In the classroom, students will investigate the use of solar power and the effects of solar power on art. Students will create a design using the sun. This lesson will explain the importance of solar energy as it pertains to art.
Lesson Plans - Elementary School
Lesson Plans - Middle School
Lesson Plans - High School