Staff Directory

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Della Watkins
Executive Director 803-343-2216

Joelle Ryan-Cook
Deputy Director &
Director of External Affairs 803-343-2211
Megan Maberry
Administration Specialist 803-343-2218

Business Office

Selina Ciarlone
Chief Financial Officer 803-343-2193
Denice Yager
Finance Assistant 803-343-2200

CMA Shop

Brantley Cox
CMA Shop Manager 803-343-2159

Communications & Visitor Services

Jessica Derr
Design Manager 803-343-0481
Drew Baron
Multimedia Coordinator 803-343-2169
Milena Engh
Public and Media Relations Specialist 803-343-2180
Jemimah Ekeh
Communications Assistant 803-343-2213
Porchia Moore, Ph.D.
Inclusion Catalyst 803-343-2206
Sherrie Belton
Coordinator of Visitor and Group Services 803-343-2155


Will South
Chief Curator 803-343-2205
Catherine Walworth
Curator 803-343-2204
Amber Waterstradt
Registrar 803-343-2154
Mike Dwyer
Exhibition Designer/Preparator 803-343-2157
Noelle Rice
Curatorial Assistant 803-343-2156
Daniel Richardson
Preparator 803-343-2183

Development & Membership

Angi Fuller Wildt
Chief Development Officer 803-343-2172
Brian Dolphin
Senior Manager of Individual Giving 803-343-2210
Ann McBride
Development Coordinator 803-343-0480
Jonathan Eason
Membership and Information Systems Coordinator 803-343-2198
Kimberly Driggers
Development Writer and Grants Specialist 803-343-2197
Lydia Salais
Development Assistant 803-343-2208

Education & Engagement

Jackie Adams
Director of Education & Engagement 803-343-2209
Kayleigh Vaughn
Manager of Engagement 803-343-2186
Glenna Barlow
Manager of Education 803-343-2187
Becca Hinton
Manager of Community Programs 803-343-2181
Dana Witkoski
Education & Engagement Coordinator 803-343-2170
Elizabeth Houck
Education & Engagement Administrative Assistant 803-343-2163

Planning & Facility Use

Michael Roh
Facility Project Advisor 803-343-2201
Adam Matney
Director of Facilities Operations 803-343-2168

Protective Services

Doctor "Doc" Isaiah Jr.
Protective Services Senior Supervisor 803-343-2162
Kristen Campbell
Protective Services Senior Supervisor 803-343-2162

Special Events & Rentals

Mario Guevara
Events Manager 803-343-2212
Samantha Scott
Special Events and Corporate Relations Specialist 803-343-2207