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Ready, Set, Animate!

August 22, 2017

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This summer, the Friends of African American Art & Culture CMA membership affiliate partnered with Burton-Pack Elementary to enroll 11 students for a fun-filled week of CMA summer camp. The initiative, in its second year, was made possible by generous funds from the FAAAC and its members.

It’s a natural partnership. Burton-Pack Elementary emphasizes arts education as a key to student success, and the FAAAC provides a great opportunity for art education to continue over the summer. For many of the students, the week of camp was their first time visiting the CMA. After the fun had by all, we’re sure it won’t be their last. 

Burton Pack students participated in a camp called Ready, Set, Animate, where they learned the essentials of animation, enjoyed working with new materials, and practiced their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.  

Check out this video to get a taste of the stop-animation short films they created.

Many thanks to the FAAAC and their sponsors for providing summer camp scholarships. 

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