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New Lectus Gallery Stools

June 14, 2016

Since 2013, the Columbia Museum of Art has made great strides in its Creative Age initiative. A critical goal of this program is to enhance the visitor experience through greater accessibility, and with the inclusion of our new Lectus gallery stools from Sweden, we can achieve this objective. These stools offer a convenient addition to our current gallery stools and benches, because they can easily be moved throughout the galleries. 

Did you know that according to museum researchers, a museum-goer spends an average of 30 seconds viewing a piece of art? With our improved gallery seating, we hope to increase the amount of time our visitors can sit and enjoy their favorite works.

Something particularly great about these stools is their versatility. The lightweight stools can be carried between galleries during a group tour, used as extended seating during a salon talk, or used by students on assignment to sketch in the galleries. Although the Lectus stools are designed specifically for adults over 65, they can be enjoyed by guests of any age.

The Lectus stools are widely considered to be ideal for visitors and are used at over 50 international institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Tate Modern. Great gallery seating is absolutely crucial to the visitor experience, and we are proud that the Columbia Museum of Art now offers world-class seating for our guests. We invite you to come to the CMA and have a seat!


The CMA extends countless thanks to:

Walda C. Wildman, CPA, LLC