Legal Notice

January 23, 2018

In accordance with the S.C. Abandoned Cultural Property Act & unable to contact the original lenders, the Columbia Museum of Art herewith claims title to the following objects: 

Glazed carved wooden African scene (H14"xW24.5"); Two pages of Frank Leslie's Illustrated newspaper from 1876; Oil on canvas painting, Christ child w/ Joseph & Mary (H41.5"xW33.5"); Oil on canvas painting, Portrait of man w/ cap (H33"x W27.5"); Terracotta pot (H3"x W4"); cake plate& stand w/ silver geometric design (H2"xD5"); 4 photo transfer images on tiles (H8.5" xW10.75"); 6 sided planter w/ animal decoration (6.5"x8"); Print, "A La Memoire de Jacques Phillippe Le Bas" (H6"x W3.5"); Untitled watercolor of house & trees (H12.5"x W3.5"); Keith Diggers, Old Man, woodblock print (H8.5" x W7"); Untitled Japanese color woodblock print (H10.75"x W14.75"); Engraving, Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (L11" x W9.25"); Mirando Miller sketchbook; Set of 20 First Day Cover Envelopes; Document describing the death of Washington (H23" x W16.5"); 12 prints of Carolina scenes by Elizabeth White;  copy of The Scholar's Drawing Book; Envelope of Sesquicentennial Coin Receipts; Sketch of Mary and Christ child by Boyd Saunders (H24"xW18"); Winifred C. Kellogg' s Diploma from the City of Somerville; Carew Rice, Frederick Weber, paper cutout (H6"xW4"); black&white abstract print, unknown artist; 5 black & white photos of beach scenes (11"x14"); Demitasse cup & saucer w/raised white floral design; yellowish tinted opalescent glass bowl (H4" xD12") Etching of printer's shop w/figures (H11.5"xW13.5"); print, The Marriage of Cana 27 1/4 x 21 1/4 in; RÉMY DUVAL, VALLAURIS, 1955 poster; Five Exposition 1952 Vallauris green & tan posters; 11 Exposition 1952 Vallauris black & pink posters; Exposition 1950, Vallauris poster; Audubon print, Baltimore Oriole; ink on paper abstract drawing, unknown artist; engraving, Antica e Moderna; Tapa Cloth;  Robert Detamore, Theatrical Projection, etching (H22.25"x W30"); Untitled Ann Bamberger Karesh print; Kenneth Kerslake, Marauders VII, etching (;Greek Athenian coin (D1"); Tetradrachm Coin (D1"); Tea Strainer w/glided leaf motif (H5.25"); Russel Wright gray bowl; Multicolored contemporary felt hanging; cotton round tablecloth w/lace; bowl w/printed pink design "The Mother's Grave" (H3" x D6.5"); Native American Belt w/animal motif (L8'5"); Periodical, "Tres Parisien," Numero 6, 1926 

All of the items listed herein were deposited by unknown donors over ten years ago. If proof of claim is not presented in writing by the lender, their heirs, or assignees to the Columbia Museum of Art, & if the owner's right to receive the property is not established to the Columbia Museum of Art's satisfaction within 120 days from the date of this notice, the property is considered abandoned & becomes the property the Columbia Museum of Art. Contact Amber Waterstradt, Columbia Museum of Art, P.O. Box 2068, Columbia, SC 29202, 803-343-2154.