Why This Matters

That moment when you enter an art museum – when you feel welcome, when you feel like you can explore any part of yourself and your world that you want to – it’s a transformative moment. 

These moments should be a regular part of your life, and more people should have them. That goal is what is driving every decision we make in this process.

It’s about our kids

When children see art, of course they learn about art. But they also build their character. Seeing new things creates a sense of appreciation and pride. Art helps children learn about many other subjects, it helps them to build problem-solving skills, and it gives them more ways to communicate and express themselves.

It’s about our community

We are part of a growing, vibrant, vital city. As the state capital, located right in the center of South Carolina, Columbia is a natural gathering place. And an art museum helps to develop the culture of its community. We help build the creative workforce – not just artists, but scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, people who create things. And we help the people in our community connect to each other. We love creating conversation and hearing people discussing how art relates to history, to the present, and to our lives. 

It’s about you

You'll get more art, more programs, more ideas to explore, more opportunities to connect with people and ideas from around the corner and around the world. 

At an international art museum, you can see places that you may never have an opportunity to visit and get ideas from people you may never have an opportunity to meet. And you can come together with members of your community to share your ideas.

Here at the CMA, we’re committed to the concept of the 21st-century museum. We believe in being inclusive and participatory. We believe that art is meant to be experienced, not just seen. We are making our museum into a place brimming with activity and new ideas. This campaign is making it possible for us to be bolder than ever before.

We can’t wait to see what we’re going to do together next.