The Details

2018 Renovated Floor Plans

First Floor:

You'll see a new studio, a new interactive education gallery, and a brand new Main Street entrance. The CMA Shop will grow, and program spaces will be upgraded. We're getting some new office spaces for staff, too. 

Second Floor:

You'll see new galleries (the yellow areas in the floorplan), an expanded board room, and a huge revamped program space. 


What We’re Gaining

Upstairs Galleries 3846 square feet
Education Galleries 1210 square feet
Renovated Loft Space 6385 square feet
Studio Space 527 square feet
CMA Shop 213 square feet
Offices for Staff 769 square feet
New Vault Storage Space 2208 square feet



Construction has already begun in some areas of the building, and is scheduled to be completed by summer of 2018.

We will continue to host exhibitions in the Lipscomb Family Galleries on the first floor throughout the renovation, but the upstairs collection galleries will be closed for about 18 months. That is planned for March 2017 - summer 2018.