Campaign Information

As the heart of South Carolina, our greater Columbia community is growing and becoming a world-class city. Our spirit is felt as you walk down Main Street, or through the Vista and across the river, through the wetlands in the Congaree National Swamp. The Columbia Museum of Art is part of this change, and as such needs to grow to meet the needs of our community. 

Every day, we explore ways to make our home an even better place to live, work, and play. We explore new ideas to enhance our city, come together in crisis, and build on our successes. We're proud to be part of such a vibrant community.

Five years ago, we started thinking about how art can strengthen our community. The Think Art campaign was created to build on our strengths and give us the means to provide you with more art to see in more ways and in more places. You will benefit from expanded and enhanced programs, exhibitions, and partnerships.  

The $16 million Think Art campaign has three focus areas to create new opportunities for greater impact in our community.

  1. The $10 million increase in endowment support creates greater financial stability and allows us to plan for the future with greater confidence. With more funds to keep the museum running smoothly, we can focus our attention on bringing stellar exhibitions to Columbia and creating amazing art experiences.
  2. Over $5 million will be used to renovate the building, creating new gallery space where you can see more of the CMA collection, to add a Main Street entrance to continue building vibrancy in our neighborhood, and to shape new spaces where you can enjoy programs, events, and classes.
  3. $1 million is being used to create sparks of change that transform the museum and make it better able to serve your needs and those of the entire community with things as simple as new portable gallery seating or as complex as revamping our entire website to make it more navigable and more friendly to smartphones. And it will provide wonderful professional opportunities for our award-winning staff, who are the heart of this museum.