Abandoned Cultural Property

Legal Notice

July 18, 2017

In accordance with the S.C. Abandoned Cultural Property Act & unable to contact the original lenders, the Columbia Museum of Art herewith claims title to the following objects:

Adele Salley, Still Life with Wine Bottle, Cruet and Glass, 1906, oil on canvas; Victrola Cabinet (H13”xW29”); Michael Rutkowsky, earthenware bowl (H5”xD13”); Glass woman figurine (H4”); "Zhongiva" glass bottle (H4”); Ceramic pitcher w/bird design (H12”); Green glass vase (H11”xD4”); “Gin and Water” figurine (H10”); Cow shaped glass candy dish (H7” x W3.75”); Set of 4 Demitasse Saucers, white with gold trim (D3.75”); Gold frog figurine (L.5”); Highball glass with abstract blue design (H4.5”); Vase w/ 3D flower/leaf decoration (H26.5”); Powder Horn (L15” x W3”); Green bowl w/ floral pattern (D9”); Antique paint set w/12 glass bottles (L4”xW5”); Ceramic earthenware pot (H4”); Folding wood stand w/ cord & tassels (H26”); Pottery sherd w/animal figure (L3”); Ceramic pot w/wavy lines (H5.5”); Ceramic pot w/vertical lines (H4.5”); Glass saucer w/scalloped edges (D5.75”); Mirror w/ gilt frame (H19.5”xW16.5”); Dark green glass bottle (H9.5”);2 Light green glass bottles (H12”); Tan stoneware bottle (H8.5”); Clear blue glass bottle (H9.75”); 2 Brown glass bottles (H9.5”); “G.H. Wintersmith” brown glass bottle (H7.25”); “Lydia Pinkham Vegetable Compound” Bottle (H8.5”); “Cantrell and Cochran” bottle (H9.25”); stone fragment (W1”); Stone rod (L10.5”); Pot with scenic images (H4.5”xD6”); terra cotta pot w/flared lip (H3.75”); terra cotta pot (H3.25”); terra cotta pot (H5”); terra cotta pot (H6”); terra cotta pot (H3.75”); terra cotta pot w/incised decoration (H9”); terra cotta pot (H3.75”); terra cotta pot (H4.25”); terra cotta pot (H3.5”);stone metate (6.5”x16” x21”); bronze bird (H4”xL7.5”); Henry C. Pearson set design sketches (L16.25”x W12”); Ornithological Prints from the Book, "American Ornithology of the Birds of the United States"; Untitled abstract, oil on canvas, unknown artist (24”x17”)

All of the items listed herein were deposited by unknown donors over ten years ago. If proof of claim is not presented in writing by the lender, their heirs, or assignees to the Columbia Museum of Art, & if the owner’s right to receive the property is not established to the Columbia Museum of Art’s satisfaction within 120 days from the date of this notice, the property is considered abandoned & becomes the property the Columbia Museum of Art. Contact Amber Waterstradt, Columbia Museum of Art, P.O. Box 2068, Columbia, SC 29202, 803-343-2154.