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CMA presents a crowd-sourced Community Gallery exhibition

COLUMBIA, SC - The Columbia Museum of Art presents a crowd-sourced Community Gallery exhibition, ONE x 100. Celebrating Dorothy and Herbert Vogel and the anniversary of their gift of 594 works to the CMA, this exhibition opens Friday, June 7 and is on view through Sunday, September 8, 2013.

This is not a typical community gallery exhibition. The pieces in ONEx100 all fit within a 1x1x1 foot space and demonstrate enthusiasm for contemporary, minimalist or conceptual art practices. Artists were encouraged to find freedom within limitations and create within constraints. The first 100 entries that fit the criteria were accepted and include: an interactive book, a stoneware sculpture, fiber art, oil paintings, mixed media collages, a glass cube and a football helmet, among others.

Who are Dorothy and Herbert Vogel?
The Vogels, internationally recognized collectors of contemporary art, built a collection of over 4,500 objects spanning all media and covering the most innovative art movements of the late 20th century. Devoting Herb's salary as a postal clerk to purchase art, and living on Dorothy's paycheck as a librarian, they collected mostly minimalist and conceptual artworks. They followed their own rules: the piece had to be affordable and small enough to fit in their one-bedroom Manhattan apartment, city transportation, and be easily carried. With these limitations, they proved to be curatorial visionaries. Last year, the Vogelís generously gave the CMA 594 works from their collection.

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