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CMA reveals new look on Main Street

COLUMBIA, SC -  The Columbia Museum of Art takes a fresh approach in engaging Main Street with six new large-scale banners featuring images from its collection. As a catalyst for downtown growth, the CMA celebrates the positive changes on Main Street by becoming a more visible and welcoming building. The vibrant and colorful banners invoke a sense of excitement, growth and new energy for the CMA.
"We are very pleased about this project and the further attention it brings to all the exciting things happening on Main Street," Mayor Steve Benjamin said.  
The banners were installed on Sunday, December 23 by a team of professionals from the Museum and BFG Industries, Inc., located in West Columbia. This has been made possible by the generous support of private donors who see the CMA as an integral part of the revitalization of downtown.
"We are so grateful to the City of Columbia Design/Development Review Commission for all of their instrumental help in planning and approving this new look," CMA Executive Director Karen Brosius said. "For so long we focused on the Hampton Street side of the building, but with all the continued development and economic growth, we recognized it was time for our Main Street façade to reflect the positive momentum."     


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