Docent Corps 2011

The Docent Corps of the Columbia Museum of Art, is made up of interesting people like you who share a love of art and a desire to give back to the community.


Through continuing education and volunteer service to the Museum, Docents provide the vital educational link with children and adults that enrich the museum experience and instill and support a lifelong appreciation of art.

Docent Corps members receive all of the benefits of membership, plus have the opportunity to attend special luncheons, participate in trips to other cultural institutions and are eligible to attend many educational lectures and gallery talks free of charge. As programming continues to grow, so does the need for enthusiastic and dedicated Docents to lead tours of the museum collection and traveling exhibitions, as well as hands on instruction in the Museum's many studio programs. Admittance into the Docent Corps requires completion of Docent training.

"Being a docent at the Columbia Museum of Art has been a double delight for me...not only do I get to pursue an ongoing interest in art, which I never had the opportunity to study in school, but I get to do it with interesting and congenial people...many of whom have become good friends." - Ann Holtschlag

Docent Corps Membership:

Annual dues include an additional $25. Only active Museum members who are in Docent training or have completed Docent training are eligible for Docent Corps membership.

The next Docent training will be held in fall 2015. We will release registration information and training details in summer 2015.

Docent Board:

Susan McMillan
President emeritus:
Ann Holtschlag
Vice President:
Susan James
Greg Evans
Recording Secretary:
Wendy Sturkie
Annette Kirby
Studio Liaison:
Susan Junker
Tour Liaison:
Cameron Vogt
Travel Coordinator:
Elizabeth Levy
New Docent Coordinator:
Nancie Shillington-Perez
Museum Liaison:
Kayleigh Vaughn