Community Outreach

The Columbia Museum of Art provides many excellent and accessible opportunities for art education in South Carolina by taking community art education programs into the city, county, and state to provide greater access and exposure to art for those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. The CMA’s partnerships with St. Lawrence Place, Prosperity Project, and the Creativity Club are made possible in part thanks to generous grant support from the Lipscomb Family Foundation.

St. Lawrence Place

The CMA's partnership with St. Lawrence Place, a transitional housing community, began in 2008 at the suggestion of a CMA board member. Students in grades K-5 attend weekly art sessions during their afterschool program. The first Thursday of each month, the teens from St. Lawrence come to CMA for a tour of the galleries and hands-on studio component taught by an area artist, art teacher, or CMA staff. Made possible by a generous grant from 

Prosperity Project

A new partner in 2014, Prosperity Project provides a safe afterschool program for children in the Lyon’s street and Gonzales Gardens area. The CMA brings fun and unique art lessons each week to their location to help develop the children’s artistic abilities. The first Monday of each month, Prosperity Project students in 3rd-5th grade visit the museum to tour the galleries and work in the studios. Made possible by a generous grant from the Lipscomb Family Foundation.

CMA Creativity Club

The CMA Creativity Club was created in response to the growing need in our community to address literacy for pre-schoolers and their adult companions. This program engages participants with stories read by librarians, followed by a CMA staff and volunteer-led hands-on art experience that connects to the overall art and literacy theme for the session.

First Steps

The CMA's partnership with First Steps Richland County, a group that works to improve school readiness for children, provides an opportunity for kids to be creative. The CMA's sessions focus on the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, etc.). Each lesson has national pre-k visual arts standards, helping the students with kindergarten readiness. An early exposure to the arts has been proven to help children be more successful in school, and the students enjoy working with new materials that allow them to grow and learn all while having fun. Made possible by a generous grant from  

Want to learn more about community outreach or how you can get involved?

Contact Jimmy Hiller, or 803-343-2181.