Presented By:

Mrs. Joyce Martin Hill

While viewing the exhibition, visitors have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in our popular TAP mobile tour. This engaging and thought-provoking experience includes the commentary of Steven Naifeh, Chuck Ezell, Naifeh Studio Fabricator; Chief Curator, Will South and related musical selections of Peter Hoyt, the Museum's adjunct curator of music.

Visitors may check out devices at the admission desk for free during their Museum experience.

The CMA is able to provide this new educational experience with the generous support of Museum donors John and Kay Bachmann.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) is a nationally award winning museum that aims to provide tools to easily create and deliver mobile tour applications in a museum setting. The CMA implemented the TAP software program that was developed by the staff at the IMA, which is a leader in museum technology. TAP provides a way for museum staff to assemble a wide range of mobile experiences without needing to know any of the underlying technical details of the web or mobile technology.

TAP Keypad Visitor using TAP Tour stop list Video of Chief Curator, Will South introduces the exhibition