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Film: PBS American Visions: A Wave from the AtlanticSaturday, January 121:00 p.m.Film: PBS American Visions: A Wave from the Atlantic
American Visions, an eight-part series on American art written and narrated by Time magazine art critic Robert Hughes, is both an account of American life and a tribute to American art. Filmed in 100 locations around the country, covering everything from Quaker to Shaker, George Washington to Bierstadt, Remington to Warhol, and the skyscrapers of New York City, Hughes has applied his considerable wit and imagination to the problem of revealing how art records and preserves both points of view and ways of life. It is American history told through art, not merely a history of art. It offers a perspective that is refreshingly elevating and inclusive. In A Wave from the Atlantic, Hughes further explores the legacy of technology while considering immigration and urbanism in turn-of-the-century American art. As a transplanted Australian, Hughes has personal experience with the process of turning "foreigners into Americans." "Overlay and mixture," he asserts, "is fundamental to American life." But it inevitably breeds conflict and differing values. 105 minutes.