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Films from MoMA: Josef AlbersSaturday, November 101:00 p.m.Films from MoMA: Josef Albers
Films from MoMA is a new series at CMA providing access to an unparalleled collection of rare films and videos from the Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film. Josef Albers was a notable painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, writer and teacher. He worked from 1908 to 1913 as a schoolteacher in Bottrop and from 1913 to 1915 trained as an art teacher at the Königliche Kunstschule in Berlin, where he was exposed to many current art movements and to the work of such Old Masters as Dürer and Holbein. His figurative drawings of the next few years, which he kept hidden and which were discovered only after his death, show that he applied these influences to his consistent concern with the simplest and most effective means of communicating his subject; he drew rabbits, schoolgirls and the local landscape in as dispassionate and impersonal a manner as possible. 30 minutes.


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