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Columbia Museum of Art

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Keenan Fountain & Apollo's Cascade

Keenan Fountain & Apollo's Cascade

In 2006 the Columbia Museum of Art commissioned a 27-foot sculpture fountain to occupy a prominent spot on Boyd Plaza. Keenan Fountain & Apollo’s Cascade was dedicated on September 25, 2007. Nationally known sculptor, Rodney Carroll created the sculpture with interactive water features for the corner of Main and Hampton Streets in front of the Museum. The sculpture design incorporates a play and interaction between lyrical, organic shapes in a variety of metals and alloys that add color and motion to the abstract sculpture that mimics the play and activity of its many water elements.

Known for his fusion of water and sculpture, Carroll, from Baltimore, Maryland, has been commissioned for many corporate and public art projects around the country, including work for the Symphony Center, Baltimore; Tower Park Corporation, Newport News, Virginia; and Performing Arts Center, City of Ormand Beach, Florida, among many others. In 1999 Rodney Carroll was commissioned by The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore for Scythian Horse, in conjunction with the exhibition, Gold of the Nomads.

Under a leadership gift by Colliers Keenan, the sculpture fountain is named in honor of the Keenan Family as a way of recognizing their contributions to Columbia and the entire state of South Carolina.

The Columbia Museum of Art is grateful to all the contributors to the Keenan Fountain & Apollo's Cascade. Through the support of so many generous corporations and individuals in Columbia, this important project has changed the face of Main Street and helped to make the city center vibrant, enhancing the quality and vitality of life in downtown Columbia.

Colliers Keenan Inc.

Jeffry C. Caswell
Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties
Harriet and Walter Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fleming Lipscomb
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Don and Rachelle Tomlin

Baker and Baker Foundation
Dr. Suzan D. Boyd and Mr. M. Edward Sellers
Carolina First
City Center Partnership/Columbia Development Corporation
Elliott Davis, LLC
Ellis, Lawhorne & Sims, P.A.
Joyce and Bob Hampton
Walter M. Keenan, Jr.
Keenan Development Associates, LLC
by John S. Hill, Michael E. Penland and J. Lyles Glenn, IV
Keenan & Suggs, Inc.
LCK Construction Services
Michel G. Moore
Mrs. Henriette Hampton Morris
Ms. Robin H. O’Neil and Miss Robin W. O’Neil
in memory of Dr. John J. O’Neil, III
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Rogers
Smith Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Sproat
Dr. and Mrs. Gene W. Stuart
UCI Medical Affiliates, Inc.
Wendyth and Warner Wells

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Crooks, Jr.
Edens & Avant
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Gimarc
Don and Carol Saunders
Dr. Jack M. and Sarah Smith
Stevens & Wilkinson
W.O. Blackstone & Co., Inc.

John and Kay Bachmann
Karen Brosius and Willson Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Phelps H. Bultman
Capitol Places
Carolina Ceramics Brick Company
Patz and Ray Carter
John and Cookie Cloyd
Columbia Green
Nancy C. Gibbes in memory of Joseph A. Gibbes
Suzi Sheffield
Susan Thorpe and John Baynes

Martha and Brian Blatt
Kathy and Michael Edwards
Georgia H. Hart
Mrs. Gerda M. Kahn
Mrs. Mary Lou Mapp
Ms. Leslie A. Pierce
Scott McElveen, L.L.P.



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