It Figures: The Art of Sigmund Abeles

Jun 17, 2011 - Oct 23, 2011

It Figures highlights the work of Sigmund Abeles, painter, sculptor, draftsman, teacher, storyteller and printmaker, and guest curator for the adjacent exhibition An Artist’s Eye: A Journey through Modern and Contemporary Art with Sigmund Abeles. Sigmund, now 77, embodies the kind of insightful critical thinking and pure joy in artistic expression that comes from close observation and decades of experience in the art world. His reputation as a member of the National Academy, an artist and teacher, and his connections to South Carolina—he was raised in Horry county and graduated from USC—gave him the perfect set of 'eyes' to form An Artist's Eye.

It Figures is intended to complement that show—a way for the visitor to understand visually the artistic make up, philosophy and lineage of Sigmund Abeles that finds its very personal expression in An Artist’s Eye. Each show enhances the other. With It Figures, we are granted access to Sig's creative mind. Having the ability to appreciate his work as an artist informs what we see through Sig’s eyes as a curator.

Location: On view in Focus Gallery 4