• Girl with Black Dove
  • 1715-30
  • Giuseppe Maria Crespi
  • Italian (Bolognese)
  • 1665-1747
  • Oil on canvas
  • CMA 1962.24

Giuseppe Maria Crespi's art was extremely modern for his time - his genre paintings were humorous and light-hearted. Forgotten for a long time, like many others of his century, Crespi is today considered one of the best artists of the Bolognese School. Two versions of this painting are known, both of a somewhat later time. One is in the City Museum and Art Gallery of Birmingham, England, and the other in the City Museum of St. Louis, Missouri. A very lovely composition, this painting shows the spirit of Crespi's art in the psychological study of such a light subject that catches the thoughts of a pretty girl spoiling her pet.

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