• A Gentleman of the Emo Family
  • c. 1565-1570
  • Jacopo Robusti (called Tintoretto)
  • Italian (Venetian)
  • 1519-1594
  • Oil on canvas
  • CMA 1962.15

Jacopo Tintoretto was one of the most sought after portrait painters in Venice. He was able to achieve a psychologically penetrating image of the sitter through the use of loose and rapid brushwork. With his quick strokes of white highlights, Tintoretto is able to capture the constantly changing quality of light as it reflects off of satins and velvet. His portraits often include a window through which one sees an image referring to the activities of the sitter or his family. In this case, we see the Castel Santí Angelo in Rome with the papal flag flying prominently above it. While the coat of arms on the chain clearly belongs to the Emo family, there is no record of any member of this family having ties to Rome. The monogram on the table, which has been read as G. E. (for Gabriel Emo), could also be read as belonging to a member of the Contarini family who produced numerous ambassadors to Rome.

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